Who we are and what we do

Music connects - especially when we unite our voices. As passionate singers everywhere in the world, we meet in local groups to explore what it means to sing together and how we can continuously improve ourselves in singing and musical hearing. Organised and conducted by founder Manuel Wehrli from Switzerland, our goal is to create a great experience for everyone and to enjoy lasting moments, in both the rehearsal meetings and the presentation events. We share the pleasure in trying experimental things, like improvising as a choir, giving concerts in the street, doing flashmobs and combining our voices with body percussion and choreography. Beside the musical part, we also want to get to know each other well so we can establish and maintain a friendly familiar atmosphere. Movies like As it is in Heaven or The Chorus show in an impressive way what collective singing can raise.

In general, we try to achieve a higher level of singing (doing projects with not so many rehearsals). So in order to participate in our group, we appreciate that you already have closer explored your own voice (in a choir, singing lessons or by natural talent) so you can use it in a resonant way. Furthermore, you should have a musical hearing and rhythmic feeling. We normally make audio and video recordings of our projects to share our experiences with the world, so you should be ok with this. Finally and most important, you are welcome to bring a good portion of motivation and humour with you, because good choral singing is based a lot on that. 🙂

Are you interested to join us? Have a look at our projects.